+ How can I buy or bid in a Durán Digital auction?
If you are new to Durán Digital, create an account and then continue with the auction registration. If you already have an account with Durán Arte y Subastas, you can log in with those credentials. Please note that a valid government-issued photo ID is required to register on Durán Digital. If you need assistance, please contact [email protected].
+ What is Durán Digital?
Durán Digital is a gallery created by Durán Arte y Subastas to collect and buy digital artwork. Each artwork has been authentically created by an artist, and has become a collectible digital object that can be owned and exchanged.
+ What are NFTs?
NFTs are unique digital objects. More specifically, they are non-exchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain that can be sold and transferred. NFTs can be associated with digital files such as photos, videos or audio.
Each artwork on Durán Digital is a digital collectible secured by cryptography and tracked on the blockchain.
+ What is the technology behind Durán Digital?
Durán Digital is a peer-to-peer marketplace for non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 NFTs) built on Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. The technology has been created by Vottun, a reference blockchain development company from Spain.
+ What is generative art?
Generative art relies on an algorithm to create visually captivating results that are unlimited in number and totally individual and original with assigned provenance and ownership history. When you purchase an NFT from Durán Digital, you initiate its creation at the same time.
+ What is an NFT avatar?
NFT avatars are digital collectibles that typically feature some sort of face and can be used as a profile picture on social networks as a way of signaling that you are a member of that community.
+ Register in Durán Digital
Why do I have to register to participate in a Durán Digital event?
Just like to purchase or participate in Durán Arte y Subastas and Duran Online Gallery auctions, Durán Digital requires customers to have an account before bidding or buying.
+ Are there any bidding restrictions?
An enrollment restriction may be imposed at Durán Digital's discretion to allow Durán Digital additional time to review bidders and request financial references or additional information, if necessary. Duran Digital cannot guarantee that registrations submitted after the restriction period has begun will be approved.
+ Who should I contact to make an inquiry or if I need assistance?
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +34 91577 60 91.
+ What is the environmental impact of NFTs?
Creating an NFT on Polygon has the same carbon impact as sending just 2.5 emails, meaning that NFTs on Polygon consume 99.95% less energy than projects on Ethereum (Source: Polygon). Avalanche network is even more ecofriendly.
+ Do Durán Digital articles have reservations?
NFTs sold on Durán Digital may be subject to reservations.
+ How does it work for creators?
Durán Digital is still in early access phase, incorporating only a small number of selected artists. You can write to us to have your digital art appraised.
+ How can I pay my NFT?
Payment for Durán Digital NFTs will be made only by Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.
+ Where do I store my NFT?
NFTs are stored in wallets. When purchasing a Limited Collector's Edition, you can choose to provide your own wallet address, or have a wallet created in your Durán Digital account. This is where you will find your NFT(s) once the sale is complete. You can keep your NFTs here or send them to another wallet. If you purchase a 1 of 1 auction lot, you can choose during the checkout process to have the NFTs transferred to a wallet of your own or to a wallet in Durán Digital.
+ What is a digital wallet?
A digital wallet is essentially an application that allows individuals to access, store and send/receive NFT. To do this you are assigned a unique address. Remember to never share your private keys or passphrase with anyone, as this would give them control of the wallet.
+ Do I need cryptocurrency to pay my NFTs?
No, all payments will be made by Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.
+ How can I access my Duran Digital wallet and my NFT(s)?
Log in and access your profile in Durán Digital.
+ Can I return or cancel my purchase?
No, all NFT sales are final.
+ When will I receive my NFT(s)?
Your NFT purchases will be transferred to your wallet 36-48 hours after payment has been received and cleared by Durán Digital.
+ Where can I find my purchase receipt?
The receipt will be emailed to you and stored in your Durán Digital account.
+ Is there a fee for selling my NFT collectible at a later date?
NFTs purchased from Duran Digital are subject to a 5% resale fee through the application of the smart contract on any subsequent resale of your collectible NFT. You will be responsible for any network or "gas" fees that may apply to the sale and transfer of the NFT, as well as any transaction fees or taxes assessed by law.

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