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Durán Arte y Subastas is strongly supporting digital art and its artists, and is at the forefront of the Spanish NFT community.

In its commitment to digital art and new formats of expression, Durán Arte y Subastas has been a pioneer in Spain in presenting and selling NFT works in face-to-face auction. Everything starts with the NFT Olea Genesis, the work of Solimán López, sold in October 2021. Since then, artists such as Javier Arrés, Laprisamata, Ivona Tau, Pequelord, Miguel Caravaca and other crypto-artists have been protagonists in Durán Arte y Subastas.

Durán Digital – NFTs is a platform dedicated to art generated with blockchain technology. This platform starts with the Auction of the Genesis Collection and offers works by national and international artists of recognized prestige in the digital art market.

The presentation event, with talks about the world of art, NFTs and a round table with the participation of Anna Carreras, Laprisamata, Miguel Caravaca and Sfhir, was a great opportunity to see and talk about NFT art, and meet artists that are succeeding outside our borders, and that already deserve recognition from the Spanish art market.

The works are registered in the Ethereum blockchain, as a guarantee of sole ownership, there is an easy payment facility in euros and a traditional system, and customers can easily access their NFTs from the Duran Digital-NFTs platform, which also serves as a wallet. (or wallet) from which to guard the works, transfer them, or put them up for sale again.

¨It is about facilitating access to digital art for any collector, whether or not they are familiar with technology. Our platform ensures that the potential buyer only has to worry about looking for the work that they like the most, or for which they want to invest”, are the words of Consuelo Durán, director of Durán Arte y Subastas.

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